About Alphastark

B2C marketers useAlphastark 's Marketing Platform to reach
their target prospects online and shape purchase decisions.

Based on proprietary data management and targeting technology, Alphastark Marketing Platform enables precise and measurable B2C multi-channel marketing programs.

The company has earned the confidence of SMEs brands and corporate clients including ChinaPaint, Dr Bauer and Medialink etc. who use the platform to get the right message in front of the right people, wherever they travel online.

A Little About Alphastark

Based on multi-channel marketing tools and data insights, Alphastark Marketing Platform enables precise marketing campaign to target group. We’re in the business of helping marketers “get to the right people.” The team who support this mission are as diverse in personality as they are in origin (we’ve got Hong Kong, Australia, and China). But what unites us all is our perseverance for creating value through online channels, and our goal to create a world in which every online marketing touch point is more relevant, useful, and valuable to business users wherever they surf online. Whether you’re an advertiser, publisher, agency, or technology partner, we want to ensure that every interaction you have with us is positive, informative, and worthwhile.

What We Believe In

Since we operate a business that utilizes information about people, we are sensitive to the requirements of trust and responsibility that this carries. We have developed the following tenets that are shared with all of our employees, partners, and users, and which pervade our business and privacy policies from top to bottom:


  • Be Trustworthy
  • Be Flexible
  • Be Knowledgeable
  • Be Data-Driven
  • Be Fun

Founder's Story

Born in a rich family, Felix has all the materials and luxuries he demanded in his childhood. Family business as doing Real Estate enabled Felix to be living a high standard.

Then in 1997, everything suddenly changed. All the richness and luxuries Felix had was faded. Almost 10 years after the crisis, his family struggled in poverty and resumed a better living through determination and strong entrepreneurship spirit.

During the downturn, Felix has a natural instinct and desperation to question his situation and the society in his beloved city Hong Kong, which he realizes in life although money isn’t the most important element in life, it serves as an instrument of value exchange – Richness comes not from speculations, but the perseverance to create value to world and truth pursuit.

At the time he started the company in 2012, Mobility Age has just begun which enabled the tremendous amount of attention on the internet surfing, while Data Science enables businesses to understand deeply about their customers’ internet behaviours, providing factual insights to business improvement.

Viewing it as the exact opportunity to turn his belief into real-life value, this signals the beginning of Alphastark – To Help Businesses Grow More Business through Online.


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