How the best employees tailored their Job Interviews to make better their chances

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Mistake #1 – Provide broad answers (the same of everyone)

Remember that the interviewer will want to hire you if you are above average. It is no use to be average and respond the same that everyone responds. So for you to stand out, give real examples of events in your worklife that relate to the questions. Answers like: “You must hire me because I fulfill all the requirements that the vacancy requests”. It is very vague and surely your competitor will say the same. Therefore, do not just reduce yourself to saying all Skills, but tell each one, list the skills (and obviously need to be related to what is being asked in the job description), give examples of past experiences that you have used these skills and programming languages, talk about a positive outcome you’ve achieved after developing a software or an app.

Mistake #2  – Do not pay attention to the job description

For example, when asked about your weakness, you respond that you are not very good in communication. However, if the vacancy requires you to be communicative, you have just missed the opportunity of the vacancy. Therefore, to answer the question “Tell me about your biggest weakness” remember to say something that does not prejudice you in the selection process.

Another example is to speak of several languages that you are able to program and forget to talk about exactly those that are requested in Job description.

Mistake #3 – Not having been informed about the company before the interview

It is a mortal sin. Your interview is already doomed to failure from the start. If the question is “why do you want to work in this company?”, You have to have the answer at the tip of the tongue. By no means should you stop and think because you should already know the company and the position you are aiming for.

Therefore read the company’s website, find articles on google that talk about the company’s news, find out who the founder is, the current owner, the company’s philosophy, as well as its culture, value and mission. Understand how the company works and make mental connections between you (your personality and your skills) and the company (its culture and the product or service it works for).

Mistake #4 – Behaviour, appearance, and your internet connection during the interview

You have to keep in mind that you are being analyzed in every way, in the technical area logically, but in addition your behavior will be being analyzed as well. Remember that your body speaks and there will be a Psychologist or a Human Resources professional analyzing you. If you are lying in bed with the laptop on your chest, allowing the interviewer to see you only from the chin up, you will get the impression that you are not interested in the job and that it is just one more interview. So follow the tips below:

*  Try to sit on a chair and put your computer at a table in front of you, the interviewer needs to see from your shoulder up;

 The room you are need to be lit and with no noise, so if there are many cars passing in the street close the window and turn on the light;

* Your internet connection needs to be very good to prevent the interview from being interrupted;

* Try to look in the eye of the interviewer’s image and when emphasizing a quality of yours, look directly at the camera on your computer, to express that you are speaking the truth and have a lot of confidence in that;

* Train the basic questions and book a mock interview with the vanhack team to avoid thinking too much about the answers, looking at the ceiling and delaying the interview, making it boring;

* If it is possible to have a wall without much information behind you is best, try not to be in a place fulled of information such a kitchen with a sink full of dishes behind you. Take this moment seriously.

Mistake #5 – To not do the connection between the Job description / Company Business / Your background and SKILLS

The company only called you for the interview because they found in your resume a few (or many) of the skills they´re looking for. So why are you going to waste time talking about other things during the few precious minutes you have in the interview?

When the interviewer says “Tell me about yourself“, he or she does not want to know your favorite color, in fact the question that is hidden in this is “How do you fit into Job Description“. So do not waste time talking about your age, whether you have kids or what city you were born with. Go directly by talking about your profession (logically it has to be related to the position requested in the job description), Tell how many years of experience you have in this profession (check how many years are needed in the position), then you can already list the codes and languages that you know how to program (logically you have to combine with those who are requested by the vacancy and if you have others languages and codes to add you must also speak to make the difference between you and your competitor). Then tell real examples related to what you just listed.

For the other questions it is essential that your answers be related to the company’s business + job description + your background.

Author: Ana Lins

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